Studio Policies


Due to temporary business closure as a result of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, there are no refunds for

existing students or new students registering through the end of 2020.  Beginning June 1, 2020, existing students, private or group classes, must attend a minimum of one (1) class per week to avoid any additional costs.  If you have a remaining balance, it is your responsibility to schedule private or group classes. 

In accordance with health recommendations in light of COVID-19, for children younger than ten, only one parent may be in attendance in the studio during class time.  There will be no returns or exchanges of merchandise purchased at the studio.  There is to be no socializing while at the studio and each student is to arrive at the studio no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of class.  Each student shall be required to adhere to the rules and regulations for social distancing as well as utilize hand sanitizer that will be provided at the studio.




*  Students should arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to scheduled class time. 

* Cell phones should be turned on silent or off.

* Wear exercise clothing that is comfortable to move in. Students should bring their hip scarf and veil to each class.

* Students must join the class using soft socks or dance Slippers (No shoes) 

* NO chewing gum while dancing.

* For monthly classes, tuition is always due on or before the 4th session for the next 4 classes (regardless if you still have a makeup class), unless discussed otherwise. 

* Checks are accepted, however, any returned check is a $35.00 fee for the first time.  If a check is returned for the second time, we won't accept any type of personal check unless the payment is made with the money order.

* Re-registration will be required after an absence of 4 complete weeks or more.

* Sorry, no Return or exchanges for sold items.

* Monthly private lessons are 4 classes in one package, one make up class only for each package


Late Fees and Makeup Sessions:

* Makeup sessions:  Students must have all class fees paid in full prior to being able to receive a makeup session for a missed class.

* For private lessons:  Any canceled session without a 24 hours notice will be charged for that entire session.

* For group/Private lessons:  A late fee will be charged to students if their class fees are not paid by the scheduled time.  The late fee is $20.00 flat rate.

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