Health Benefits of Belly Dancing

Women in the Middle East have known about the health benefits of Belly Dance for centuries. Today, women all over the world are discovering this art form and enjoying its benefits. It doesn’t matter what your age, size or shape is. Every woman can practice the art of Belly Dance. Because the dance incorporates movements throughout the entire body, it offers to strengthen and toning throughout. Dancing, in general, is very good for the cardiovascular system. Symptoms of back pain can be relieved by strengthening the body’s core. The movements of Belly Dance are a low impact form of aerobics. Dancing during pregnancy has become an alternative to traditional Lamaze. Belly Dance has long been thought to be the oldest form of childbirth preparation. Many dancers find that their strength and endurance has been greatly increased by the dancing. Labor and deliveries are often found to be much easier. The emotional health benefits are substantial as well. Dancers learn to focus on themselves, their bodies and let go of stress. Self Confidence is developed as the dancer becomes more aware of herself. Finding the artistic side of her personality can be a very rewarding experience Connecting with other people and different cultures can add to one’s quality of life. Many friendships are forged by the camaraderie dancing together brings. With this common interest to share women are brought together from many walks of life. Music has always soothed and invigorated the soul. Music from the Middle East is beautiful, lively and playful. By learning to interpret this music with her body a dancer becomes an instrument….part of the music itself.