Teaching Belly Dancing By Fariba.

Majestic Belly Dancing

Fariba's Dance Academy, LLC

 "Belly Dance is truly an art form that brings out every woman's

feminine side, regardless of age, size and shape, or dance experience."

Majestic Belly Dancing is owned and operated by Fariba Mohammadyar, Master instructor, choreographer, and specialist in Middle Eastern and Persian Dance Style.

Born in Iran-Tehran, Fariba has been dancing since the age of nine.  She offers a wealth of knowledge about the art of Belly Dancing to her students.  Belly Dance is characterized by improvised articulations of the torso, hands, arms, and head.  In recent years it's popularity has grown worldwide.  Women everywhere are signing up for classes, tying on a hip scarf and shimmying their way to the dance. In the Middle East, it's called "Raqs", "Raqs Sharqi", " Raqs Arabi".

“I never thought I would be doing this all my life, but the more I taught, the more I loved it,” she says. “In reality, the art form, it’s about you... It’s about women – how they feel. They’re telling their stories by dancing. When I dance and perform, I am telling a story about the music, myself and my personality”

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