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Majestic Belly Dancing

Teaching the beautiful art form of Belly Dancing

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Majestic Belly Dancing by is owned and operated by Fariba, Master instructor, choreographer and specialist in Middle Eastern /Persian Dance Style.
Born in Iran and been dancing since the age of nine. She offers a wealth of knowledge about the art of Belly Dancing to her students. She has performed and taught in Europe and has been teaching here in Columbus for years.

“I never thought I would be doing this all my life, but the more I taught, the more I loved it,” she says. “In reality, the art form, it’s about you….It’s about women – how they feel. They’re telling their stories by dancing. When I dance and perform, I am telling a story about the music, myself and my personality”

Belly Dance is an ancient art and the oldest form of dance in the world. Its roots lay in the Middle East and every culture has some form of this dance. Belly Dance is open to any woman regardless of age, shape or size. Dancing offers an alternative to other forms of exercise. Belly Dance is based on the feminine form and structure and therefore a perfect way to exercise. See our “Health Benefits” page for additional info.

At Majestic Belly Dancing, Fariba teaches following; 

Egyptian: Classical, Traditional, and Modern
General Belly Dancing: From around the world like Macaque, Lebonan, Turkey and etc..
Persian: Classical, Traditional, Modern, and so many other styles
Slow Dance/Ballroom Dance for weddings (Couple only)
Salsa (Individual, Couple, and Group)
Personal exercise class

Beginner to the Professional level of instruction available. Zills, Veil, Isis Wings, Cane, Shamedan and counting music education included. With flexible class schedules, Majestic Belly Dancing can accommodate your schedule. 

“My students are taking an hour out of their lives to just focus on themselves, their bodies and their 

Majestic Belly Dancing has just moved to the new location at the address below.





5807 Karric Square Drive

Dublin Ohio 43016
Office: 614-726-9060
Cell:    614-406-7639