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Majestic Belly Dancing

Teaching the beautiful art form of Belly Dancing

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Studio Policies


 * Students should arrive 5 to 10 minutes prior to scheduled class time. 

 * Cell phones should be turned on silent or off.

 * Wear exercise clothing that is comfortable to move in.Students should bring their hip scarf and veil to each class.

 * Students must join the class using soft socks or dance Slippers (No shoes) 

 * NO chewing gum while dancing.

 * For monthly classes, tuition is always due on or before the 4th session for the next 4 classes (regardless if you still have a makeup class), unless discussed otherwise. 

 * Checks are accepted, however, any returned check is a $35.00 fee for the first time.  If a check is returned for the second time, we won't accept any type of personal check unless the payment is made with the money order.

 * Re-registration will be required after an absence of 4 complete weeks or more.

 * Sorry, no Return or exchanges for sold items.

 * Monthly private lessons are 4 classes in one package, one make up class only for each package


Late Fees and Makeup Sessions


  • Makeup sessions:  Students must have all class fees paid in full prior to being able to receive a makeup session for a missed class.
  • For private lessons:  Any canceled session without a 24 hours notice will be charged for that entire session.
  • For group/Private lessons:  A late fee will be charged to students if their class fees are not paid by the scheduled time.  The late fee is $20.00 flat rate.